Monday, June 9, 2014

Fahrenheit 451 WebQuest

  Fahrenheit 451 – WebQuest 

We are going to explore the issue of censorship, past and present, and how it can help us more fully understand Ray Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451 and the reasons why he wrote it. 

Explore these websites for information on the kinds of historical censorship Ray Bradbury discusses in Fahrenheit 451: For this WebQuest, I will be collecting answers to the questions that accompany each web site.  Copy and paste each question and then answer it in complete sentences in a separate google document.  NO PLAGARISM – use your own words to answer each question!

Step I:  Who is Ray Bradbury?
·      When was Ray Bradbury born?
·      Is he still living?
·      What major life events or ideas may have influenced Ray Bradbury while growing up?

Step II: Censorship
·      Take the Censorship Quiz and record your score.
·      Define Censorship
·      What is the earliest attempt of censorship (date and author)?
·      What American right protects books from being banned but not challenged?
·      According to the statistic chart- what are the top 5 reasons most books are challenged?

Step III: Nazi Book Burning:
·      What is significant about the date May 10, 1933?
·      In what way might the pictures of book burning images inspire Bradbury to write Fahrenheit 451?
·      What effect do you think the burning of books had on the authors whose works were burned?

Step IV: Dystopian Society:
·      Define dystopian
·      What are some important characteristics of a dystopian society?
·      How does a person feel when living in a dystopian society?

Step V:  McCarthyism and Blacklisting in Hollywood:
Who is Joe McCarthy?
• What is “McCarthyism”?
•What does HUAC stand for?
•What is the significance of Hollywood and Blacklisting?
•How might it have inspired Bradbury to write Fahrenheit 451?

How might history have inspired Bradbury to write Fahrenheit 451? (one paragraph response)

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